The Energy Price Cap Calculator

The Price Cap limits unit rates and standing charges, not bills.

BFY Group's Calculator can help you understand your monthly energy spend under the Price Cap.

The Price Cap will vary by how you pay and where you live so answer the questions below to start understanding your monthly costs.

Start Date

Estimated annual spend on your selected consumption

£2500 /year

  • including VAT
Electricity: 2,900 kWh
Gas: 12,000 kWh

Your Current Balance

Current Balance
  • Negative for debt, positive for credit
  • Leave blank and the balance shown will be calculated to avoid going into debt

Current or Proposed DD

Monthly Payment
  • To see the impact of your current direct debit (or if your supplier is asking you to change it) enter the amount here

Calculated Typical Direct Debit

£ /month

  • This amount smooths your payments over the year so that you will build up credit during summer months.
  • The illustrative balance shown below might go negative after the first year due to price cap increases. Your supplier is likely to increase your direct debit before then.

Typical monthly bill shape and your balance